Tahoe Fusion Food Truck

Elevated Eats

New this summer to the West Shore, Tahoe Fusion salutes the blend of Asian and Latin cuisine through a refreshing culinary experience confined to the convenience of a speedy food truck. This mesh of seemingly disparate flavor profiles offers a refreshing take on modern fusion. Executive Chef Robb Wyss’s dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients at the West Shore Cafe remains unchanged through the nomadic window of Tahoe Fusion. You can expect the same culinary quality and creativity that’s found across the street, all for a favorable price point.

Choosing the West Shore as home base, Tahoe Fusion resides mostly outside the Homewood High & Dry Marina but also frequents community events around the basin.



Far East meets Latin American cuisine within this seasonal menu providing a refreshing but distinctive take on modern fusion eats. View our new menu to see for yourself. 





Hours & Location

Looking for us? If we’re not outside the Homewood High & Dry Marina, we might be adventuring around the lake. View our calendar to track us down and join us for a meal.