Pier Dining

Buoy Bar

The last day of the West Shore Buoy Bar is Sunday, Oct 4. Our boat valet service will also end on that date. Thanks for a great boat and dine season everyone! 

ORDER ONLINE    Or call 530.412.1944 to order.

Boat up to the all-new West Shore Buoy Bar this summer! Now open Wednesdays through Sundays from 12pm to 5pm.

So what is a Buoy Bar? It’s a new boat serviced bar located in our buoy field. Pull up to the pier and our boat valet will tell you where to park your boat. After your boat is tied off to a buoy call 530.412.1944 to place your food and drink orders.  Hang out in our buoy field while you wait for your order to be delivered directly to your boat via our boat valet.

Our Buoy Bar is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. Buoys are for customers waiting to pick up orders only. Once your order is received we ask that you exit our buoy field. For the safety of our guests and others, no swimming is allowed when your boat is in our buoy field. 

The Buoy Bar is weather dependant and may close due to high winds. 

Please drink responsibly. Safety is our top priority at the West Shore Cafe. We reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol to anyone including the known driver of the vessel. Please be prepared to show your ID when ordering alcohol. For more information on boating responsibility click here.

ORDER ONLINE    Or call 530.412.1944 to order.

Did you know that all persons 35 or younger require a CA boater card? Starting January 1, 2020 all persons 35 of age or younger who operate a boat in California will be required to have a California Boater Card. This card will show that its holder has taken an approved boating safety course and passed the test. This program is being phased in and by January 1, 2025 all persons who operate a watercraft in CA will be required to have the California Boater Card.